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About: YanGuFang International Group Co Ltd is primarily engaged in the production, research and development, and sales of oat and grain products through its direct salesforce and distribution network. Its product portfolio is broadly categorized into oat series products including oat germ groats, oatmeal, oat flour, oat bran, some of which are organic or green food series, and oat nutrient and health series products including oat peptide series, dietary fiber powder, oat biscuits, oil series, oat hand cream, and soap, and oat toothpaste.

Employees: 309

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of 6,474 funds
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Fund manager confidence

Based on 2023 Q4 SEC filings by fund managers ($100M+ AUM)

100% more repeat investments, than reductions

Existing positions increased: 2 | Existing positions reduced: 1

48% more capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $151K [Q3] → $223K (+$71.8K) [Q4]

0.1% more ownership

Funds ownership: 0.15% [Q3] → 0.24% (+0.1%) [Q4]

0% more funds holding

Funds holding: 5 [Q3] → 5 (+0) [Q4]

0% more first-time investments, than exits

New positions opened: 2 | Existing positions closed: 2

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