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Intchains Group


About: Intchains Group Ltd provides integrated solutions consisting of high-performance ASIC chips and ancillary software and hardware for blockchain applications. Its ASIC chips are designed for several key blockchain algorithms including Blake2bsha3, sha512MD160, Cryptonight V4, Eaglesong, Blake2s and others. The company has built a proprietary technology platform named Xihe Platform, which allows the development of a wide range of ASIC chips with high efficiency and scalability. It designs its ASIC chips in-house, which enables it to leverage proprietary silicon data to deliver products reflecting the latest technological developments.

Employees: 113

Funds holding %
of 6,474 funds
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Based on 2023 Q4 SEC filings by fund managers ($100M+ AUM)

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Funds ownership: 0.0% [Q3] → 0.0% (-0.0%) [Q4]

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Funds holding: 2 [Q3] → 0 (-2) [Q4]

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Capital invested by funds: $2.28K [Q3] → $0 (-$2.28K) [Q4]

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