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About: iCoreConnect Inc develops and markets secure cloud-based HIPAA compliant software services focused on compliance, workflow/productivity, and electronic health records systems. Its core services technology can be adopted to other vertical markets that require a high degree of secure data communication, such as the legal, financial and education fields. It markets secure HIPAA compliant cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offering under the names of iCoreExchange, iCoreCodeGenius, iCoreSecure, iCoreMD, iCoreDental, iCoreMobile, iCoreHuddle, iCoreRx, iCorePDMP, iCoreEPCS, and iCorePay. The company's software is sold under annual recurring revenue subscriptions. The Company has a single reporting segment for reporting purposes focused on the North American market.

Employees: 44

Funds holding %
of 6,474 funds
Analysts bullish %
News positive %

Fund manager confidence

Based on 2023 Q4 SEC filings by fund managers ($100M+ AUM)

300% more first-time investments, than exits

New positions opened: 8 | Existing positions closed: 2

55% more funds holding

Funds holding: 11 [Q3] → 17 (+6) [Q4]

1.73% more ownership

Funds ownership: 1.39% [Q3] → 3.12% (+1.73%) [Q4]

22% less capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $448K [Q3] → $351K (-$96.7K) [Q4]

50% less repeat investments, than reductions

Existing positions increased: 1 | Existing positions reduced: 2

Research analyst outlook

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