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About: Cheche Group Inc is an insurtech company. It is China's independent technology-empowered platform for auto insurance transaction services by digital auto insurance transaction premiums and insurance technology companies. The company has reshaped the traditional auto insurance distribution and services value chain to create a digital platform by improving operational efficiencies, reducing transaction costs, and expanding distribution channels. Its business scope ranges from digital insurance transactions, SaaS platforms for insurance intermediaries, AI-driven insurance pricing and underwriting services, auto insurance services for new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturers, green auto insurance innovations, etc.

Employees: 635

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of 6,702 funds
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Fund manager confidence

Based on 2024 Q1 SEC filings by fund managers ($100M+ AUM)

200% more first-time investments, than exits

New positions opened: 2 | Existing positions closed: 0

200% more repeat investments, than reductions

Existing positions increased: 3 | Existing positions reduced: 1

33% more funds holding

Funds holding: 6 [Q4 2023] → 8 (+2) [Q1 2024]

0.01% more ownership

Funds ownership: 0.11% [Q4 2023] → 0.11% (+0.01%) [Q1 2024]

41% less capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $399K [Q4 2023] → $237K (-$163K) [Q1 2024]

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