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About: Barfresh Food Group Inc develops, manufactures and distributes ready to blend frozen beverages, including smoothies, shakes and frappes for restaurant chains and the foodservice industry. The company's proprietary, patented system uses portion-controlled pre-packaged beverage ingredients that deliver freshly made frozen beverages that are quick, cost efficient, and without waste. Barfresh provides both a single serve solution and a bulk format solution, ideal for high-volume locations. It has seven flavors available as part of its standard line vanilla shake, caribbean smoothie, triple berry smoothie, caramel macchiato frappe, strawberry banana smoothie, mocha frappe and mango burst smoothie and has the development capabilities to deliver custom flavors.

Employees: 10

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200% more first-time investments, than exits

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Funds holding: 14 [Q4 2023] → 16 (+2) [Q1 2024]

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Funds ownership: 22.64% [Q4 2023] → 21.75% (-0.89%) [Q1 2024]

25% less capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $5.03M [Q4 2023] → $3.77M (-$1.26M) [Q1 2024]

40% less repeat investments, than reductions

Existing positions increased: 3 | Existing positions reduced: 5

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