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About: Brand Engagement Network Inc is an innovative AI platform provider, designed to interface with emerging technologies, including blockchain, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, that drive digital transformation across various industries and provide businesses with an unparalleled competitive edge. BEN offers a suite of configured and customizable applications, including natural language processing, anomaly detection, encryption, recommendation engines, sentiment analysis, image recognition, personalization, and real-time decision-making.

Employees: 26

Funds holding %
of 6,702 funds
Analysts bullish %
News positive %

Fund manager confidence

Based on 2024 Q1 SEC filings by fund managers ($100M+ AUM)

392,877,600% more capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $0 [Q4 2023] → $3.93M (+$3.93M) [Q1 2024]

1,100% more funds holding

Funds holding: 0 [Q4 2023] → 11 (+11) [Q1 2024]

1,100% more first-time investments, than exits

New positions opened: 11 | Existing positions closed: 0

14.1% more ownership

Funds ownership: 0% [Q4 2023] → 14.1% (+14.1%) [Q1 2024]

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