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About: Bridgeline Digital Inc is a marketing technology company that offers a suite of products that help companies grow online revenue by driving more traffic to their websites, converting more visitors to purchasers, and increasing average order value. It helps to maximize the performance of critical websites, intranets, and online stores. The company generates revenue from digital engagement services, subscription, perpetual licenses, maintenance, and hosting. Geographically, it derives a majority of revenue from the United States.

Employees: 55

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of 6,689 funds
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Fund manager confidence

Based on 2024 Q1 SEC filings by fund managers ($100M+ AUM)

22% more capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $712K [Q4 2023] → $868K (+$155K) [Q1 2024]

0% more funds holding

Funds holding: 10 [Q4 2023] → 10 (+0) [Q1 2024]

0.69% less ownership

Funds ownership: 7.87% [Q4 2023] → 7.17% (-0.69%) [Q1 2024]

50% less repeat investments, than reductions

Existing positions increased: 2 | Existing positions reduced: 4

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