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About: Assembly Biosciences Inc is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. It is advancing two innovative platform programs, a novel class of oral therapeutics for the treatment of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and novel class of oral synthetic live biotherapeutics, which are designed to restore health to a dysbiotic microbiome. The company's HBV-cure program is aimed at increasing the current low cure rate for patients with HBV and is pursuing multiple drug candidates that inhibit multiple steps of the HBV lifecycle. Assembly has discovered several novel core protein Allosteric Modulators, which are small molecules that directly target and allosterically modulate the HBV core protein. The majority of the revenue is generated from the HBV cure program.

Employees: 65

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21% more capital invested

Capital invested by funds: $7.09M [Q4 2023] → $8.61M (+$1.52M) [Q1 2024]

1.32% less ownership

Funds ownership: 13.14% [Q4 2023] → 11.82% (-1.32%) [Q1 2024]

47% less funds holding

Funds holding: 45 [Q4 2023] → 24 (-21) [Q1 2024]

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New positions opened: 0 | Existing positions closed: 21

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Existing positions increased: 0 | Existing positions reduced: 23

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